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eLua Web Server for micro-controllers (just AVR32 for now)

by Nuccio Raciti and SimpleMachines

The ultimate goal of this project is to be able to manage, through a Web-browser, a cheap hardware in a very simple way, without expensive tool for programming or proprietary softwares.

Simply writing and putting some ".html" and ".lua" files inside the SD-Card, is possible to manage the micro-controller and our hardware using eLua in order to create dynamic pages.

Using AJAX techniques the results will be great. The project also include an eLua library for manage JSON data.

You can get project sources here: https://github.com/nuccioraciti/eLuaWebServer

It was currently tested on a ATEVK1100 board using this Linux command line for the building:

$ scons target=lualong allocator=newlib board=ATEVK1100 optram=0

A little demo (including AJAX test) is present here as file system to put inside the SD-Card.

So enjoy with eLuaWebServer and thank you for testing, improving and leaving your feedback for it.