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Who is using

Some eLua uses

http://www.atlantico.com.br - Instituto Atlântico (and their clients)

http://www.lenke.com.br - Indústrias Lenke

http://www.liquigas.com.br - Liquigas Distribuidora, a Petrobras (the Brazilian oil) company

http://www.puc-rio.br - Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

http://www.riobotz.com.br/en/index.php - Riobotz

http://www.simplemachines.it - Simplemachines.it -> mizar32

http://www.syma.com.cn - SYMA Innovation Interactive systems, Shanghai, China

http://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br - Tecgraf Labs

http://www.verto.com.br - Verto Technologies

http://www.giga.puc-rio.br - Grupo de Inovação e Gestão Ambiental

http://www.all-logistica.com - ALL, América Latina Logistics

http://site.ovnilab.com.br - OVNI Lab

Obs: If you are using eLua for prototyping, experimental or real-world production projects, please add your links here or write us with your info and we'll be glad to add you to this list.