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Some Code Examples

  • Basic

    • Hello - The simplest Hello World example on an eLua terminal

    • Led - The Hello World of the embedded world. Blinking an LED on eLua

    • PwmLed - Control a LED intensity on your kit with eLua

    • Info - eLua is multi-platform. How can a program know where it is running ?

  • Intermediate

    • Logo - Real time simple animation in an OLED display with Lua floating point math

    • ADCScope - Analog to Digital conversion module usage with a (built-in) moving average filter

    • ADCPoll - Get to know more advanced features of the eLua ADC module

    • edit - A simple, full-screen editor written in eLua

  • Advanced

    • lhttpd - Serve dynamic web pages with real-time data using this 100% Lua web server embedded on your MCU


  • Generic / Portable / Platform-independent games:

    • Hangman - Play Hangman on an eLua terminal

    • Life - The simulation game Life for an eLua terminal

    • Simon - The classic color, tone, sequence memory game in eLua

  • Games for specific platforms

    • Pong - An eLua reincarnation of a classical console game

    • TetrIves - An implementation of Tetris in eLua

    • Spaceship - Space-invaders arcade in eLua

    • Snake - Another eLua version of a classic from the '70s

    • Race - Tons of fun on tiny small display screens. Create and drive on your own tracks with eLua

    • LM3S Games - An eLua build bundled with games and demos for the EK-LM3S8962 and EK-LM3D6965 boards


  • eLuaMIDI - Music and MIDI control for eLua

  • Piano 2.0 - Play Piano using a PS/2 Keyboard and generate MIDI messages


  • RIT128x96 OLED - Built in support from eLua form Luminary Micro/Texas Instruments kits

  • KS0108B - KS0108B 128x64 Graphic LCD Display control for eLua, Lua version (driver 100% implemented in Lua)

  • KS0108B - KS0108B 128x64 Graphic LCD Display control for eLua, C version

  • HD44780 - HD44780 16 or 20 columns by 2 or 4 lines Text LCD control for eLua (module under development)

  • NOKIA6610 - Nokia 6610 128x128 12 bit color TFT LCD control for eLua (soon. help is welcome)

  • T6963C - Toshiba's nice LCD controller making available several displays for eLua (queued)

  • Moonlight - A Circuit Cellar contest 4th place winner Led Panel powered by eLua


  • TVbGone - Turn off every TV set around from a kit with eLua and an infra-red LED

  • Morse - Beep your messages in Morse code from eLua

  • Piano - Play piano with PWM in eLua

  • eLuaVFD - Vacuum Fluorescent Tubes control for eLua

Wireless Communications

  • GSM / GPRS

    • Q64 and Q100 - Wavecom/Sierra Wireless GPRS modems support for eLua

    • TC65 - Siemens GPRS modem support for eLua

  • Radio links

    • 2.4GHz -


  • eLuaWebServer - a true Web Server for microcontrollers able to generate dynamic html pages for AJAX applications.

Digital Potentiometers

  • DS1267 - Interface with a DS1267 digital potentiometer

Other Libs

  • Higgs - Generating KML dynamically with eLua. Send your sensor data to Google Maps and other services

  • VHeWS - An architecture for web distributed sensors and sensor's data

  • eLuaBee - XBee/Zigbee communication and control for eLua (module under development)

  • eLuaPCKBD - Using PC PS/2 keyboards in eLua

  • eLuaGPS - NMEA 0183 GPS sentences processing for eLua

  • eLuaRotary - Rotary switches support for eLua (under dev, with an aux AVR MCU while we wait for eLua ISRs)


  • Manfredo - A self-navigating (GPS & Inertial) robot controlled by eLua

  • Anubisway - An ex combat robot from Riobots, reincarnated in a self balancing two-wheel segway-like vehicle


  • eLua Auto Helm - An autopilot control for sailboats (sorry, portuguese only, for now)


  • eLuaSimPit - Flight Simulator panels and instruments controlled by eLua


  • Wish List - New modules, games, device support and all the Fun you expect to have from eLua in the future