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Official links

Links and Resources

eLua project site

The the official eLua site and main online documentation is at www.eluaproject.net

eLua discussion list

currently supported platforms

The platforms and modules supported by the latest officially released eLua version can be seen HERE

New ports are part of the current development and some newly supported platforms and modules with chances to be included on the next official versions are:

eLua binaries

Binaries of the latest official released version, ready to be flashed on your kits, can be found at '''eLua''' downloads

eLua web buider

Configure, build, store and manage your own eLua binaries online with this web tool http://builder.eluaproject.net

eLua sources

Browse the eLua source code on the web. Get a glimpse of the released versions (/tags), the bleeding edge development (/trunk) and some experimenting code (/branches) without having to download the source code to your machine - eLua code repository -

Checkout your own local svn repository with the complete eLua source code following the instructions at http://www.eluaproject.net/en_downloads.html#source

eLua on Twitter

Follow eLua news and announcements at Twitter following the account: @eluaproject

eLua on Facebook

If you want to promote and create user groups on a social network: eluaproject

eLua IRC Channel

Get together with other eLua users on our IRC channel at irc.freenode.net #elua

Log: eLua IRC Logs

eLua Logos

Add '''eLua''' logos and icons to your projects