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  • To call this a "program" is a gross overstatement, but it's a tradition, so we respect it :) It just prints "Hello, World!" on the terminal and returns to the shell. Run it from the file system (# lua /rom/hello.lua) only if you feel too lazy to fire up the lua interpreter inside eLua and type it yourself :)


  • The eLua "Terminal" (and as we'll see in other examples, the File Systems) is totally integrated with the regular input/output facilities of Lua. A regular Lua print() will send it's results to the Lua terminal.

<<EmbedCode: execution failed [socket error] (see also the log)>>

The code of this (incredibly small) project is kept as one of the examples of the elua/examples project at Github https://github.com/elua/examples/tree/master/hello