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Runs on: All Platforms

Tested on: EK-LM3S8962

Credits: César Raúl Mamani Choquehuanca, Marco Meggiolaro

Support: Dado Sutter, Téo Benjamin, Ives Negreiros, Fernando Araújo, Ricardo Rosa


This is an ex combat robot from Riobotz, called Anubis, that reincarnated as a self-balancing, Segway-like, two-wheel vehicle. It is our new way to walk arround the Campus :) but it is far from ready yet. These second and third videos are from the very first day we tested it.

The control is 100% Lua, running on '''eLua''' in an EK-LM3S8962 (Cortex-M3 from Luminary Micro/Texas Instruments). But it should run ok on any eLua platform adjusting only the PWM output pins used. There are currently two control modes, one based on PID and other on Fuzzy Logic. The project is part of the Master Degree program candidate César Raúl Mamani Choquehuanca, who came from Peru to study here in PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. César's advisor is Prof. Marco Meggiolaro


July 2010, with a better tunning of the fuzzy logic module for higher speeds:

The following videos register the very first steps of Anubisway: